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Why Dr. Josh?

Let me assist you in reaching your goals...

People don't usually search, or reach out, for help unless they are in need of some professional assistance. In these moments, it helps to be able to have an objective person assist with achieving positive, lasting outcomes that help you become better at work and in life. Don't wait for things to get worse - let's accomplish something together now. I will show you how to capitalize on your strengths in order to help combat your weaknesses. 

If you are looking for therapy, this is not the service for you. For that, you will need to go with a Licensed Therapist, Counselor, or Clinical Psychologist, which I can help you find if need be. What I offer are ways of assisting you to obtain goals, get past current obscales, and achieve a greater sense of self, so that you can be more efficient, successful, and satisfied with your work and personal life. I do this through the techniques of behavioral science, organizational and human change, business consulting, and personal coaching.


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Joshua Caraballo, Psy.D.
Behavioral Scientist
Business Consulting & Life Coaching

Joshua Caraballo received his Doctor of Psychology degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, with a specialization in Consulting, from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.


He also holds a Master's of Fine Arts in Motion Picture Producing (University of Miami), and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance (Florida Atlantic University). His consulting/teaching philosophy includes being authentic in every regard, while staying abreast on the latest empirical knowledge in social and business psychology.  


Dr. Josh's research focuses on issues of Diversity, Multicultural Development, and Human Change at the individual, group, and system levels. Also, he is very passionate about communication strategies for prosocial change that use media production as a conduit for motivating betterment.  

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