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Organizational Diversity Efforts 

Diversity in organizations is an ongoing effort that must become part of the fabric of doing business, for as long as the firm has its doors open. Using scientific research on multicultural development in organizations, I can help you gain a clearer understanding of the current forces and gaps working both for and against true diversity efforts, and how to improve those efforts for years to come.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is made up of a mixture of inherent traits and learned skills. Depending on your current goal, a coaching engagement will be formulated to assist with achieving your potential. This happens through individual assessment tests, to solidify your strengths and harness those opportunities for improvement and create personal development plans that can take your leadership abilities to the next level. 

Life Coaching

Imagine having the ability to bounce back more quickly from life's mishaps, unforeseen occourance, and other difficulties. Using models of change from literature on human psychology, I help to apply this scientific knowledge to your current situation in an effort to help guide you through betterment. There is no "one size fits all" for change, and I will not take on a new client unless I feel confident that I can assist you properly. 

Media and Communications
Business Planning and Strategy

All businesses must have a strategy, but too few organizations see the value of creating an alignment with their strategic intent, mission, vision, and culture. I help you create that needed organizational scan, where we find the best way to link your firm with each of these facets for a comprehensive analysis and subsequent engagement process, utilizing interventions from scientific findings on organizational psychology and consulting.   

HR and Talent Management

With over 15 years of experience in the media production and communications field, I can help you with just about any scenario related to this field. Whether it's motion pictures, media relations, communications, video production, or sales, marketing, and public relations, I can help! If you are interested in understanding how to use media as a conduit for human betterment - inside and outside of the workplace - that happens to be my specialty! 

The HR function is tasked with numerous responsibilities, of which I can help relieve the burden with testing and assessment, recruitment, selection, onboarding, and general talent management processes. Also, I am versed in talent movement and succession planning, identification of high-potential and high-performance talent, and traning and development. 

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